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小山製茶 極

Once you have a sip, the natural taste of Japanese tea spreads in the mouth wondrously, and the aroma courses through the nose. The third-generation shop owner made the soil of the tea garden without being caught up to the typical manufacturing method in order to produce this taste. Since young trees that got just planted are immediately buried in weeds, they have to be managed by hands of people who frequently visit the field. The garden matures in about 5 years and finest tea leaves can be harvested. It is a cup of excellence reached by determining the climate of the production area and multiplying the knowledge of the research institution with our own experience for a long period of time. We would like you to taste that cup of tea.


From ancient times, HACHIJYUHACHIYA TSUMI (the eighth day counting from the beginning of spring) has long been treasured as a luck of longevity of eternal life.We apply organic fertilizer such as fish lees, fish press cake, and so on and give liquid fertilizer with high efficiency of absorption from the roots.Covering cultivation is carried out before harvesting, and steaming, rubbing, and drying are adjusted in order to process the product by checking the condition of the raw leaves, weather and temperature in our own factory. Please enjoy the precious seasonal taste with the umami of tea condensed.


Rare tea with increased GABA "Gabaron tea"This is the method of processing green tea which is developed at Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Current Independent Administrative Institution NARO Institute of Vegetable and Tea Science, and the tea is green tea processed with aminobutyric acid) by placing freshly picked leaves in a vacuum γ-increased GABA (content of state.The production is very few in the country, and our factory will be the first one in Kumamoto prefecture.Originally the owner who had high blood pressure made small amounts
each year for himself, but since the positive effect started to appear, it was decided to be commercialized. GABA is a remarkable natural ingredient that has been reported to have many health effects such as lowering blood pressure and mental stabilization.

World's first new black tea "Gabaron tea"
Gabaron tea is a completely new domestic black tea which Kumamoto Prefecture Yamaga City Tea Industry Promotion Organization develops, manufactures and sells, aiming at making Yamaga's only one product.From the desire to produce local special products from "Yamaga", the birthplace of domestic black tea, we jointly developed with three tea houses in Yamaga City. aminobutyric acid), and research results such as hypotensive effect, blood γ-It is rich in GABA ( flow improvement of brain and internal organs, diuretic action, mental stabilization effect and etc. are reported. It is the tea product which does not include any additives.


The birthplace of domestic black tea “Yamaga Tea” In 1875, the government established the first Japanese black tea shop in the place of Yamaga.
Ever since then, the black tea was produced vigorously to such an extent that it was exported to the birthplace of tea, Europe. However, tea production gradually declined and ceased in the 1960s. At Yamaga City in the 21st century, we produced "Reprinted Tea" which faithfully reproduced the manufacturing method at that time. We use the tea breed "Benifuuki" harvested in Yamaga City, and it is characterized by a mellow taste that is unique to domestic black tea.



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